Healing of Migraine

Dolores (my teacher) says people suffer from migraine because the body remembers the past life traumatic death experience.

GT, (name changed) 32, from Bangalore, was suffering from migraine. She used to have acute body pain and felt weak, up until her twenties.

She works for a multinational company and has a loving husband and a 5-year-old son. Couple of month’s back her ex-boyfriend (Anuj) reappeared. She doesn’t want him in her life anymore. But she feels torn about the emotional suffering he’s going through with his marriage. She wanted clarity: what can she do to get rid of the ex-boyfriend from her life?


During her session she saw a past life as a young man having a poultry farm, couple of horses and a car. He lived in a big happy family. It turns out that this young man’s wife was Anuj! However within a few months after his wedding the  young man dies in a road accident when the car tumbles and falls into a ditch. (No, GT didn’t experience the painful death during the trance.)

SC/HS (higher self) said there’s unfinished karma with Anuj that’s still not over yet hence he is back. She was asked not to deal with him in an abrupt or a dismissive way, but to deal with him in a mature way in order to bring a complete closer to the karmic link.

This man experienced a very painful and a slow death in that road accident, said SC/HS. The traumatic memory has been carried forward to her present life causing the body ache & tiredness in her early years. And the migraine was also originating from that incident. I requested HS to separate that pain from her body, because the old body is gone and why should the present body suffer the pain. HS agreed and healed her.

She woke up and was completely dazed! Migraine gone!

GT’s Testimony:

It was a very unique experience for me. It helped me to see life from a very different perspective and will guide me in my future. For sure Lipa has been a tremendous guide in this journey of mine and helped me find some answers that I have been looking for quite some time. Through today’s session it also helped me to get healed not only mentally but also physically. My migraine was healed. Thanks

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Releasing toilet anxiety

Client story/report-

It started all of a sudden. I have never had panic attacks or even anxiety issues. A calm happy life. Toilet anxiety.

When it started I researched about it. All that came out was fear of using public toilets. That was of no help at all.

I did not have that fear.

I had travelled all and used public toilets all my life.

Now I was scared to even get out of my room.

QHHT seemed like the only solution. Past life seemed very limiting to me. With QHHT, I knew my body would get a scanning.

So I went ahead with it.

The night before the session I started feeling nauseous and in fact my first session ended with me puking my guts out. All I could see was light! Bright light! And a bad headache accompanying it.

( Later got to know it was because I asked for reprogramming, my bad. :p)

Not a session anyone would expect. Then went for another session. Now heading for a session made me scared. Given my first experience.

But the session went smoothly. Nothing eventful. In fact I might have felt a little dejected. One goes in expecting to see magic.

It did happen. But it took me some time to really see and accept it.

The minute I stepped out of the session I could already feel light.

Yet somehow stable and grounded. I felt a little sad that the healing hadn’t taken place even when I had believed that it would.

It was after a few days I started feeling a shift. No longer would I get panic attacks or thoughts that I would just embarrass myself in front of the world somehow. No negative scenarios.

I went about my days as usual. I would get jitters at first. But I was able to calm down right that minute.

It took days to be honest to release those jitters. And even after a month I do get scared of it relapsing. But the panic is gone. The frequent toilet visits are gone. The fear surrounding it is gone. I feel calmer and stronger.

I feel lighter now.

Hope more people do.

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Inner child healing

Anukriti, (name changed) 24, from Hyderabad, pursuing Masters degree in yoga to understand how to harness his energy and to lift it in a way that’s positive and whole, which can be helpful for him.

But he is full of self-hatred and self-loathe. He feels he is impure and feels sick about himself. He said since class 9, he has had an actively engaging sex life, though always consensual, but he expected his partner(s) to be sad, like he was. His last girlfriend slashed her wrist and that’s when he “woke up” and now quite miserable.

Anukriti has only one older sister who’s not stable and into substance abuse. His parents always fought when he was a child. He loved his mother. Whenever she screamed or shouted he would feel very helpless and guilty for not being able to rescue her, and then having mixed feelings towards his father. This young man was hurting too much.

His inner child still needed so much more healing.

I feel so rewarded to be able to hold the space for healing and for giving him hope.


His testimonial:

“I’m feeling blessed to have a very nice session with Lipa Ma’am. She is a very nice and down to earth lady. She made me feel very comfortable during the conversation and I opened up completely and shared everything with her as if I’m sharing with my best friend or God who will not judge me, and only understand me. She is a master in her work. She knows how to handle emotions, difficulties which I faced during the session and then the session went wonderful. I have a lot of clarity about what to do/ what not to do. Apart from the therapy she has given me many life tips and therapy info. It was very nice to meet her. Hope we will be in touch through our soul, Ma’am.”

“Courage is knowing what not to fear”-Plato

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Session Story

Manika Kartik (name changed) 41, was very lonely. She was still not married and has been looking after her mother and younger brother ever since her father died more than a decade ago.

She was very fond of her father. Her mom didn’t particularly show love to her and her sisters. She would often have nasty exchanges with her mother. She has wanted to leave home but somehow still stuck there.

While in her twenties Manika was in love with a guy. The boy came from a very different background and they knew they could never settle down together. Soon the boy got engaged to someone else. That was the time she discovered that she was pregnant. Her boyfriend pleaded her to terminate the pregnancy. And she did. She was pregnant for 8-9 weeks. But she carried a huge guilt of “killing my baby!”

For 15 years Manika carried the guilt of the pregnancy but after the session it was gone.

During her session she saw something very ghastly about her mother. She could not figure out why she looked so scary.

She was asked to come back for another session. This time when she came after a month she told me that she felt that there was an entity that lives in her house. And it has been very disturbing. Its been moving from one end to the other of the house. Pets and children also feel it’s odd presence.

She wanted find out more. She could not figure out during the trance, but when I asked the HS (Higher Self) they said that she had an older brother. He was the first born and died during infancy. Later many more children came, but her mother could not let go of the trauma of losing her first-born son. She was holding on to him and grieving; not letting him move forward.

During the session Manika could communicate with the entity, her departed brother, telepathically.

She asked, “Why are you disturbing our peace and troubling us like this? What do you want from us?”

She heard him say, “I want love!”

I told her from my experience, that everything and everyone is made of love and light. Fear comes out of ignorance and past habits. She also understood that her mom was hurting and she should be compassionate towards her pain (she had no idea about her trauma).

The entity was not there to hurt or harm them, but sought attention and acceptance- love and light to move on with his soul’s journey.

That evening she did some rituals together with her mother and felt a deep sense of peace, calmness and clarity.


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Unequal-sized Legs- Cause and Healing

“You carry baggage and garbage from different life times. It’s the baggage and the garbage that is making you sick.” Dolores Cannon, founder of Qhht method.

Beth and Chris, a couple, came to me for separate past-life regression sessions. They were from Ontario, Canada. They had successful careers, but were too stressed and knew there was something important they needed to do. That’s when they decided to visit India and Thailand to be trained in transformative yoga as practitioners. They felt that was their calling, to help people heal from trauma and stress.

Beth, about 32 years, had a vivid experience. She told me that since childhood she had been wearing orthotics, a support-wear for the feet, because one leg was shorter than the other. She felt she had worn them for long and now if she gets a chance she would like to throw them away.

Qhht sessions are all about getting rid of those things you don’t want in your life anymore- off-load the baggage!

Beth saw a lifetime as an older man. He had to carry heavy load on his upper body and walk a long distance to get them to his cabin. They were woods to keep his cabin warm. It was a pretty lonely lifetime.

There’s a part in the qhht session when I ask the higher self (HS or sometimes referred to as SC, Subconscious) to do a body scan and heal the body.

I asked, “Can you heal her feet? She’s been wearing orthotics for long. Can she get rid of them now?”

HS said, “Oh sure, we’ll heal that.”

Then a moment later HS said, “You know this is being carried forward from that lifetime when he lifted heavy stuff and he had to walk a long distance; it’s the pressure of the load she’s still holding on to it. She doesn’t have to carry that.”

After a couple of seconds said, “It’s done. She won’t need them (orthotics) again.”


Two weeks later I got the following note from Beth:

We’re doing well, still having frequent energetic clearings/releases and downloads which can be taxing but we know are true blessings and necessary for where we want to go.  We feel we’re in the peak of it as the HS mentioned.  My healing continues and I make sure to listen to the recording daily. My the physical healing continues as well. Usually it’s during the night or as I’m going to sleep/waking up. I will feel some slight discomfort in my ankles, arches or neck. I then instinctively know how to move my body (it can be in very odd ways sometimes) and my bones will pop or crack, relieving all discomfort and I feel resetting the bones, moving/shifting them – like they are being put back into proper place.  I haven’t been doing heavy exercise, so haven’t tried running or walking without my orthotics, but at this time I certainly don’t feel I need them.  In fact I’m feeling inspired to go without wearing any shoes at all and plan on going barefoot around the island from now on.  I will let you know how that goes 🙂

The SC/HS also said I walked with a limp in that lifetime and in this life I indeed had a leg longer than the other which caused an offset in my body affecting the feet, knees and hips.  The SC said they healed that as well.  I haven’t been back to my chiropractor to confirm but certainly feel no discomfort in those areas.  My body continues to feel better and better.”


Beth on the right

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Habits from the Past

I feel so grateful and so privileged for the work I’m doing- words fall short.

We think movies are interesting… Well, I am witnessing such interesting plots unfold before me every time during my qhht/ past-life regression session. It’s unbelievable!

Couple of days back a father from a nearby village brought his daughter for a session. He was very embarrassed by his daughter’s behavior and actions. She steals and lies all the time and she has been married recently. He said she has brought a lot of shame and dishonor to the family. Right now she has been staying at his house. The father was ready to pay any amount to have his daughter “fixed”.

He along with his son learnt that hypnosis could help in “fixing” the girl. Like changing some circuit inside her mind. Hmmm… very easy, I thought to myself.

I told them that I needed to talk to the girl in private and after her permission I would be able to help her. “I don’t take any guarantee of ‘fixing’ but I know my job well and I can help you move on.” I cleared the expectation.

The girl Pinky, cried a lot when she was alone with me in my healing chamber. A few years back her mother died of cancer while she was still studying at college. She never got a chance to learn about household chores. Mom pampered her a lot. She was very excited when she learnt that she could see her “pichle janam” (past-lives). She blurted out all her deep questions. She confessed that she stole her mother-in-law’s saree, which was gifted by her parents on her wedding. Her husband was very upset about the whole thing. She told me she liked to keep things for herself, makes her feel secure. She had attempted suicide a couple of times too. Her father was very upset about that.

Pinky took no time to slip into a deep trance. The way things opened up was just like a movie- starting with a flashback:

She was sweeping a yard. Her body was very old. She did that job because the sarpanch (the village head) asked her to do so.

She went into her house and described the two other women were her bahus (daughters-in-law). She had two sons and some grandchildren. She was a widow.

Then while everyone went off to sleep at night, she covered her face, tied a chhura (knife) around her waist and entered someone’s house from the terrace and stole things from their house that they had purchased for trading. She got caught. Her children threw her out of the house and asked to stay in the “out-house”, a shed like place. Her family treated her very poorly. She was beaten and wounded. (She saw all that without the experience of physical pain.)

She said had stolen in 5 different occasions. She could recall each one; once from someone’s purse, another time from a jewelry store lifting gold bangles. She said she had to do that because her husband was a miser- always said no to the children.

When she came to last day of that life, she said, “Everything is fine.”

Lipa (LR)- “What happened to the body?”

She paused, “Dead.”

LR- “How?”

“Someone killed me”

LR-“Who killed you?”

“Village sarpanch.”

LR- “Look at him, you may recognize him.”

“Hmmm….” There was a long pause. Then she said, “Its my Papa!”

Wow, I couldn’t believe the drama unfolding before me!

Then the Higher Self (HS) came and advised, and gave her clear directions as to what all she needed to do in this current life, and what she should stop doing. And why she should not repeat her past now. HS reiterated that her father must listen to the audio-recording of the session.

My teacher Dolores Cannon says, that when you kill someone in the past, sometimes the same person comes back to you as an invalid or a difficult child, and you get your chance to learn to take care and nurture- gain more patience and endurance.

As the sarpanch he needed more patience with that old bandit. While killing her he said to her, “Agle baar jab tu aayegi, tu mere ghar ayegi, aur main tujhe sikhaunga…” (Next time when you come, you will come to my house, and I will teach you.) How prophetic! Later HS narrated every detail.

I didn’t have the heart to tell the father what happened during the session although he kept asking me. He would anyway listen to the recording and understand. All I said was that we all have access to grace and we can lean against that.

If you are having a difficult time it’s worth exploring why, where and how it all started and how to get out of that cycle- do book your session now. (Message on what’s app- +919899248248 to schedule for an appointment)

It will change the way you see things.



Woman inside a man’s body

Kailash (name changed), 34, from Lucknow, came to me for a past-life regression session. He said that he feels alive when he dresses up like a woman- he loves women’s clothing and dresses, and wears them often when his wife is away at work. He has a cohesive family with two young children, and doesn’t want his wife to discover this secret about him. Because she hates the idea of men putting on women’s clothes and feeling good in them.

His first girlfriend had left him once when she learnt about his secret.

Over these years he has met psychologists who have helped him deal with the guilt and the shame part. Yet there are things that he wanted to discover about himself: How would he explore the feminine side of his existence? How would he explore the ways to give it more expression?

Kailash discovered this aspect about himself when he was about 17-18 years old. One time as kids, while they were playing a game, as a punishment he was asked to wear his older cousin sister’s dress. He loved the moment the fabric touched his skin. Since then he has been looking for opportunities to get into those clothes- to feel alive, to feel who he is!

I knew that the qhht session would really help him look at things from a different perspective that he has not known till now.

He saw a past-life as a young lady, Ashley, leaving in an orphanage, a convent kind, and that was her last day. She was going away to the city to work and to be her own person. She was sad as she was leaving her best friend Kyra, who was one year her junior.

She goes to work at the cosmetic and make-up store and is so fascinated by the texture and smell. She enjoys her work. Next she sees herself going to a ball with her boyfriend, dressed in a maroon off-shoulder dress and netted gloves in her hands. He proposes and she turns him down because she feels that she needs to focus on her career. Later, the cosmetics shop owner asks to marry her and she accepts.

Then in no time she sees that she leaves her husband to be with Kyra whom she really loves and is in an intimate relationship with her. But all of a sudden her life ends in a road accident while she was in her thirties.

Conversation with the Higher Self (HS)

Lipa (LR)- Why did he see that lifetime?

HS – Because he is still stuck there – in that lifetime!

LR- Then why did he choose a body of a man?

HS – He has to feel how a man feels.

Later when Kailash wakes up he understands that it was his decision to come back as a man because he felt he let the two other men down, and his soul needed to experience what it felt like to be rejected.

HS said he has to follow his belief and should trust more. He needs to seek suggestions and not judgment of others. Nothing is forbidden. Nothing is wrong. You are the scriptwriter of your life.

Wrap up:

Kailash- I’m confused more than ever.

LR- Why?

Kailash- I’m living my past, which is over.

LR- Yes.

Kailash- It’s the unfulfilled desires or “vasanas” of the woman entity who died suddenly, is being carried over. The feminine desires to dress and wear make-up are coming from that life which ended so abruptly. What am I supposed to do now?

LR- Remember, we are here to exercise our free will. I can help you with the choices you have, but the decision to lead your life this way or that way will be yours.

Kailash- What are my choices?

LR- You can continue with the woman inside, honoring her fancies and desires. Or, you can put “her” to rest – where she belongs, that is in the past.

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