Past-life oath~ can’t say NO

SM was a very successful corp exec in the pharmaceutical segment at Mumbai. She had effortlessly climbed up the ladder and gave away a lot of money to whoever needed. She felt she was here to help people. She couldn’t refuse anyone.

She quit her well-paying job and started her an online start-up business with some friends. She hired another friend as the CEO, and that’s when things started hurting: She found that she could not say no to the CEO. She felt compelled to give in to all his requests. She could clearly see that he was manipulating and extracting money from her, but she was unable to stop herself.

She loaned money to fulfill his demands. He would ask her for money for his wife’s medical treatment. Then she would find his photos on social media vacationing with his family at exotic locations.

In a previous life SM saw that she was a very capable princess. But her father gave away the responsibility to govern the kingdom to her incompetent younger brother. He made a complete mess, people starved and died in the process.

I asked SC why couldn’t she stop herself from helping people who are using her?- “She had taken an oath, that’s troubling her.”

What oath? When?– “When she saw people dying in her kingdom in her past life, she took an oath to help them.”

Is that oath helping her now? – “No.”

What’s the way out?– “She was supposed to have come to you a year ago. She needs to understand that she should use her discernment to help people.”

How can you help her with that?– “We will remove the oath. She will feel less burdened and make better choices.” 💜


Healing of Migraine

Dolores (my teacher) says people suffer from migraine because the body remembers the past life traumatic death experience.

GT, (name changed) 32, from Bangalore, was suffering from migraine. She used to have acute body pain and felt weak, up until her twenties.

She works for a multinational company and has a loving husband and a 5-year-old son. Couple of month’s back her ex-boyfriend (Anuj) reappeared. She doesn’t want him in her life anymore. But she feels torn about the emotional suffering he’s going through with his marriage. She wanted clarity: what can she do to get rid of the ex-boyfriend from her life?


During her past life regression session she saw a past life as a young man having a poultry farm, couple of horses and a car. He lived in a big happy family. It turns out that this young man’s wife was Anuj! However within a few months after his wedding the  young man dies in a road accident when the car tumbles and falls into a ditch. (No, GT didn’t experience the painful death during the trance.)

SC/HS (higher self) said there’s unfinished karma with Anuj that’s still not over yet hence he is back. She was asked not to deal with him in an abrupt or a dismissive way, but to deal with him in a mature way in order to bring a complete closer to the karmic link.

This man experienced a very painful and a slow death in that road accident, said SC/HS. The traumatic memory has been carried forward to her present life causing the body ache & tiredness in her early years. And the migraine was also originating from that incident. I requested HS to separate that pain from her body, because the old body is gone and why should the present body suffer the pain. HS agreed and healed her.

She woke up and was completely dazed! Migraine gone!

GT’s Testimony:

It was a very unique experience for me. It helped me to see life from a very different perspective and will guide me in my future. For sure Lipa has been a tremendous guide in this journey of mine and helped me find some answers that I have been looking for quite some time. Through today’s session it also helped me to get healed not only mentally but also physically. My migraine was healed. Thanks

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My qhht Session with Lord Shri Hanuman ji

This took place 2 years back, on Saraswti Puja, 2018. I was still very new to my QHHT practice. Never expected that this kind of encounter was possible and I would have a conversation with Lord Shri Hanuman ji!!!

After “fear of death” comes “fear of being ridiculed”. I was meeting a childhood friend who was visiting from Singapore. When I told her that Hanuman ji came to my session, she just looked at me. She was kind n sweet enough not to say anything, but her face said, “I must take Lipa to Fortis Hospital and get her examined by a psychiatrist!”

It was overwhelming for me to come to terms with what happened; things that I asked him as a novice practitioner and the answers that I received.

My client was in his 30s. He didn’t have a good job and was unable to get married and settle down. The family worshipped Hanuman ji for generations, he also believed in him.


I asked him how can he help my client:

“I show you the path. But Lord Shiva gives”

Hanuman ji- Mushkil hai.. Khud pe niyantran nahi hai. Ab mein kya kar sakta…? Main to ek sevak hoon, main Shri Ram ka bhakt hoon, unhi ke seva mein rehta hoon… (he choked when started to talk about Shri Ram) Prabhu Shri Ram hain… main toh kuch bhi nahi. Har kisi ko rasta dikhata hoon… Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram… Mujhe toh yeh hai Prabhu Shri Ram khush hojaye kaise bhi… Jai Sri Ram…

The room had such an overpowering presence!

He continued, “Iske pitaji ne puja to ki hai mere, kripa bhi kiya maine, per vicharniya nahi hai. Kisi ke nahi sunte. (Father was an autocratic man), Iska to time lagega.

Lipa- Hum phir kaise madat kar sakte hain?

Hanuman ji- “Damru dikh raha hai, jatayu dikh rahi hai… Shankar ji ki puja karni hai. Woh prasanna hoke kuch karenge. Bholenath ji, mera pitatulya, woh karenge…main to janta hoon.. Kahin nahi jaana hai, man main puja karni hai.

L-Yeh kya sab alag alag hain?

Sab ek hi hai. Main bhi to unhi mein se hoon.

L- Toh aap kyun nahi theek karte ho?

H- Kya aap sab ki elaj kar sakte ho? Agar kisi jor pidit ko kisi anya vaid ke pas le jaya jaye jisko pata nahi ho, toh kahan se theek karega? Bholenath hai. Mera kaam rasta dikhaneka. Main sevak hoon sabka. Main kripa karuga. Main raasta dikhata hoon. Aap aayiye. Mujhe batayiye pida, phir main rasta dikhaunga.

L- Uska matlab woh theek hojayega.

H- Bholenath hai woh!! Arre koi shivling pe chadh gaya tha bel patri todne ko, kahte hain insaan hi kehte hain usko! Pure Bholenath hi utar aye the. Kehte hai, log bel patri chadhate hai, tu toh khud hi chadh gaya.


“His Omnipresence”

L- Aap kahan rahete hain, Hanuman ji?

H- Main?… Jaahaan Ram katha ho… Ram… mere priya Ram… Jab bhi mere Ram yaad aate hain, mere aansu bahten… main hamesha unka seva karna chahta hoon. Koi cheez unse to bade nahi hai!

L- Prithvi pe hum kya kar sakte jissse pida kam ho?

H- Awadhi (limit) hai har cheez ki. Har vyakti ki, har pida ki. Kya Lakshman ji ko pida nahi huyi thi? Pida hai to nidan (diagnosis/solution) hai… Jabtak andhera nahi hoga toh aapko prakash ka mulya nahi pata lagega? Pida hai taki jab khushi mile toh us prasannata ka mulya kya hai.

Yeh sansar bana hua hai. Yeh ek maya hai.

L-Maya hai to Bhagwan banaya kyun?

H- Maya?? Khel racha hai…

L- Par hame is khel mein kyu phasaya gaya hai?

H- Aap apni swayecha se usme bhaag liye ho. Ab aap bhul chuke ho, aap ne bola ke main yeh part nihbaungi, aap nibha rahe ho… Isne bola yeh part nibhayega…

Parantu hota kya hai ki part nibhane mein, kayi cheese unkahi hoti hain aur hum unko jaan nahi pate. Manusya jeevan toh jee leta hai, lekin kyu jee raha hai yeh to jane! Yeh prithivi, yeh swarya mandal, yeh sab maya hai.

L- Swarg mandal, bhi maya hai?

H- Pure bhamhand maya hai. Prabhu Sri Ram Vishnu ke avatar hai. Vishnu ke samne yeh maya kuch nahi hai. Woh jahan rahte hai, jis jagah rahate hai, woh is brahmanda se bahar ki hai. Yeh brhmanda, aise kai brahmanda hai. Yeh Shiv ji ka ansh hai. Yeh kai kai brahmanda hai, yeh Shiv ji pe samahit hai.

L- Hmmm…

H- Sab cheez shiv ji bani hui hai, aur isi main Vishnu rahte hain aur isi main brahma rahte hain … har koi isi main rehta hai.


“Extraterrestrials- life on planets and universes”

L- Aap bol rahe hain dusre bhi bramhanda hai. Wahan kaun rahte hain?

H- Prani.. kai prani hai… jaise aap manav hain, waise wahan par bhi hai.

L- Unko kya boltein hain?

H- Unko? Unko prani hi boltein hain. Kayi bhashayen hai, iski koi sankhya nahi.


Faith- Absence of Doubt

L- Jo aap ko puja karte hain aap kya sab ka sunte hai, Prabhu?

H- (Haha, he chuckled) Sunne ko kya hai, main toh har kisi ka sunta hun. Parantu sunna na sunna nischit karta hai is prapt par ki manushya ka “man” kaisa hai?

L- Hmmm…

H- Man mein jo aap ke bhav hai, desh matra sandeh nahi hai, toh sunli jati hai…

L- Acchaa, toh sandeh hame rokta hai!

H- Haaan… sandeh hi toh hai! Jaise, main Prabhu Sri Ram pe bileen hoon, har samay unki dhyan karta hun, naam japta hoon- mujhe sandeh nahi hai. Prabhu Ram mere sunte hai. Aise hi sandeha na hone par aap ke man ki gati se aap ki koi bhi baat suni jati hai. Aap ko sandeh nahi kar na hai.

Par Bholenath hai. Woh toh kripa karnge. Bola na bholenath ka puja karo. Main to Balbrahmachari. Waise bhi tum mere puja karoge aur asha karoge, main toh is mein unvaigan hoon. Main nahi janta.

Sita maiya ne Parvati ki puja ki thi Ram ji ko paane ke liye. Shankar ji ki puja ki jaati hai. Sansaarik maya hai jo, usse jodte hai. Kyon ki, Shankar ji ka hi sharir hai jahan bramhanda samaaya hua hai. Yeh unhi ke chalayamaan hai.

Vishnu ji hai, woh aap ke palan karta zaroor hai, parantu jab aapke paas kshamta nahi hogi kisi cheez ko lene ki toh uska palan kya kar paoge?

L- Shivji palan karte hai?

H- Shiv ji dete hain. Sab bholenath ka hi hai. Hai kya unka unhe khud nahi pata. Yeh to Vishnu ki maya rachi hai shiv ji ke sharir main. Bholenath ka sharir, woh toh aisa hai ki kitna bhari hai, kitna vishal hai… Un-ginat(countless) brahmanda hai, usme ungeetanat Vishnu hai, ungeenat Brahma – sab shristi rach rahe hai… sab maya rach rahe hain. Parantu dene ki kshamta ya lene ki shamta usi main hain jiske ander rach rahe hain. Aap palan kar sakte hain, parantu le de nahi sakte.

Khud mere Prabhu Shri Ram hain, kintu jab lanka par vijay ke liye Shiv ji ko toh pujan kiya hi kiya tha… tabhi lanka vijay hui thi.

Manokamna sidhi, ya koi bhi, woh to Bholenath hi denge… woh toh unhi ka department hai. Vishnu ji ka department to gyan bantna hai. Aap bolo gyan chahiye, mera dept rasta dikhana aap ko. Main path pradarshak hun. Aap mukhe bhaj te ho, main Ram ko bhaj ta hun.

Vishnu ji gyan ke bhandar hai, Brahma ji gyan ke bhandar hain. Kintu yeh jo maya hai asal main, yeh maya hai kin ki? Yeh vishalta toh Bholenath ki hai! Denge bhi to wahi… par aap mang kahin aur rahe ho phir keh rahe ho milte nahi hai.

Sab hai isi sansar main. Kintu raste alag hain. Aap ko sahi jagah mein mangne ki deri hai. Aap pure shahar main bhatko, par nagar seth ke ghar mat jao, pjir kaho ki, ‘main toh sham ko bhukha so gaya…’

L- Bahut acha laga aap se baat kar ke. Kya phir kabhi ayenge, baat karne?

H- Haaan… (very softly) yadi samay raha toh. Mere paas mein samay hota hai… lekin Prabhu Shri Ram ka charanbandhano main mere ko kuch abhas nahi rehta. Bhakton ki pida kaan mein padti hai, toh bas main path pradarshak hoon, path dikha deta hoon aapko – is tarah jaana hai- ab aap ko nahi samajh mein aya toh main kya karoon?


Shiv ji and his mother, Anjani

L- Abhi toh Shiv Ratri araha hai…

H- Bholenath ki Shiv ratri!! Arre main toh jaunga…(sounded very happy!)

L- Kahan jayenge aap?

H- Utsav mein… utsav manate hai log.

L- Kya sab jaa sakte aap?

H- Main toh sab jagah ja sakta hoon… Mere pita tulya bholenath ka utsav hai! Main wahan bhi jaake jai Sri Ram, Jai Shri Ram karta hoon. Pitaji bahut khush hoten hai.

Prasang hai, jab mata ne kaha pita ji se, “tumahun ram ram dinrati, sagar japa hua ananta rati”.. aap bhi Ram, Ram karte rahe ho subah se sham tak, aise kya hai?” Bade khush hote hain Pitaji.

L- Aap Shiv ji ko pitaji bhi bulaten?

H- Haan.. main unhi ka toh ansh hun.

L- Mata kis ko mante hain?

H- Mata meri Anjani hai… Anjani mayiya…

L- Woh kahan reheti hai?

H- Woh apni sthan par hai. Unka yeh sthan abhi door hai. Main toh vicharan karta hun. Mera kya hai… main toh sab jagayen reh sakta hun na, mere ko to mere pitatulya Shankar ji se bardan hai.


“Archangel Michael”

L- Mujhe kai log batayen hain ki aap aur Archangel Michael dono ek hai.

H- Archangel Michael? Naam to kabhi suna nahi!

L- Mikhail bhi bolte hain?

H- Dekhiye, manushya hai, kisi bhi naam se pukare, kintu jab tak sahi naam se nahi bulaye tab tak koi nahi ata hai…

Parantu, bhaw sahi honi chahiye. Agar bhaw sahi nahi hai toh samasya hai. Sandeha hai to samasya hai… aap kisi bhi dwividha main pareshani main rahiye, agar aap ka samasya hai, aur aap nidan chahate hain, toh sandeha na kare.


“Mata Saraswati”

L- Aaj Sarawati mata ki puja hai. Aap unke bare mein kya kahenge?

H- Mataji ki veena bajne se hi toh sansaar mein surya uday-surya asth hota hai. Mata hi to sab kuch karti hai, jitney bhi vaaniya hai… manushya ki vaani, ya kisi jeev ki vaani … aati unhi se hai…

Swar hai, aap bhi bolte hai, par yeh aati kahan se? Saraswati ki veena se. Vaani hai, vaani wahin se aati hai. Aaj mata ka pujan hai…? Gyan mein bharpur hai… parantu, us sansarik gyan nahi deti. Jo gyan chahiye (in a strong voice) atma ka, parmatma ka.


“Lord Srajan’s knowledge and higher ages”

L- Aise koi bhagwan hai jo hame bata sake kaise naye cheez sansaar mein lana hai? (I was thinking for creating worlds/innovation… new ideas for creation)

H- Srajan ka gyan chahate hain aap? (yes) jaise nayi cheez lane ko? Srajan ka gyan Brahma ke paas mein hai. Parantu, manusya ke paas nahi ho sakta?

L- Kyun?

H- Aane wale samay mein, aaj nahi kai hazar saalon ke baad, ya kai hazar saal pehle yeh gyan manushya ke paas tha. Is yug main nahi. Yug, ya samay… samay chakra hai..dekhiye ek cheez gyan kya hai? Gyan bahut taral hai. Buhut jaldi phehelta hai gyan. Itna vishal bramhanda, ya bramhandian suji, abhi manushya is gyan ko graham karne mein saksham nahi hai.

L- manushya tayiyar nahi hai…

H- Jab aap chahte huye bhi dekh nahi paate… Kya aap mujhe dekh sakte?

L- Nahin…

H- Par main toh aapko dekh sakta hoon.

L- Mehsoos kar sakta hoon ki aap idhar ho, par main aapko nahi dekh sakti hoon.

H- Toh yehi hai! Agar aapko gyan hota to aap dekh sakte the. Haan aap ki atma mehsoos kar sakti hai, par aap ke aankho ke upar parda dala hua hai.

“Knowing God”

L- Bhagwan ke bare mein sochtehi mujhe rona kyu aata hai? {If you are a qhht practitioner you should not ask personal question in your client session. I was new to the practice then.)

H- Kaun sa bhagwan ke bare mein?

L- Jisu Krishna ya Sai Baba…

H- Kis baat pe rona aata hai?

L- Yahi ki unke paas kuch hai jo mere paas nahi hai, aur mujhe wohi chahiye…

H- Aap kya sochte hain? Kya ek jeevan chakra mein sab graham kar lenge?

I got my answer!

Fumbling yet feeling so ecstatic, I expressed my deep gratitude for coming over to my session and for giving me an opportunity of having a conversation with him.

L- Jai Shri Ram!

H- JAI, JAI, Shri Ram!Decor-Kafe-Hanuman-bajrang-bali-SDL662693473-1-d9206



Archangel Jophiel 🧚🏼‍♀️

I have been working with Archangels and in the angelic realms for more than a decade. I still  feel a debilitating sense of fear as I say this in public. A fear that is so deeply encoded in my light body that I always try to camouflage what I know as true. Although I feel confident about sharing other people’s experiences, but when it comes to my own it feels like I’m breaking a sacred vow 😳 when I talk about my experiences with pure light/light beings/angels ✨🧚🏼‍♀️

My “fear” feels as if I must seek some “authority figure” to give me permission or I would be killed.

Now I know this is coming from my previous lives where I have been brutally hung, and another time burnt at the stake, through the dark times upon earth, especially during the medieval times in Europe/Central Asia.

I think some of the blockages/ fears that we have had need to be honoured and recognised, and we must do something about them- for this time, there is no prosecution or trial for being who we are! 💃🏻

Archangel Jophiel is an angel of beauty and love✨💖. I have a feeling she works with Goddess Venus. When you call upon her she responds and lifts your heart and brings beautiful and wonderful things to your conscious awareness. She can help you through every “decoration” – interiors and outdoors, art, as well as your wardrobe and make up. 💗

From my memory of a past life as a priestess in Egypt, during the higher ages we had the knowledge of some powdered crystals n oils that we applied as a part of a ritual and invocation- to bring into manifestation the intention we set out. I still hold that memory- an anticipation while applying make-up; it feels like something big is about to happen! 😇✨

In our dense bodies we often forget that we have “Source” energy within us. Calling upon Jophiel is like tapping into a powerful stream of consciousness of beauty and love. When we immerse in the process of “connection” we harness that energy -it simply gets downloaded into our light bodies activating the memory codes, bringing our fragmented pieces together into wholeness, into alignment – allowing the power and grace to flow into us and through us effortlessly! 🧚🏼‍♀️

🕉☮️ Amen🙏🏼


Cast of Character

Just like a movie 🎥 we play out the cast from the spirit side with the beings/people that we are going to incarnate with.

We come back with the same people again and again, either because we want to be with them, we work well with them. Or, because there’s karma to be repaid, you make a contract to come back with them.

We have most karma with husband, wife and children than in any other relationship. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👧👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

Interestingly, we get to choose our parents. However, sometimes you may have to choose between bad or worse, depending on your karma, what you have to balance and what’s your mission like. You don’t always get the best choices.

This reminds me of one of my favourite movies, “Quick-gun-murugan” 😂😅! He could see the beautiful astral realms, but he was denied access to most of those places. Poor thing, he didn’t qualify b’coz of his belligerent nature.

But the best part about our lives is that since it’s a movie we can recreate anything.

A lady with refined sensibilities, at 75, didn’t feel her feminine side was ever understood or appreciated by her partner. ‘They’ said, “She’s going to get that in the next life.”

Death is a dream. Endless costumes await us! 🥳💛💜

costume-store_2019_photo-by-pip-stoddard_278466.tmb-img-912 (1).jpg

Divorce- tearing up contract

One of my old friends leaned over and whispered into my ears, “You know Lipa, you did the right thing by divorcing your ex when your daughter was only 3 years old. Our children are much older now and it’s has been so suffocating living in a marriage that is toxic and unbearable. We thought we should stay together for our children’s sake but what they have witnessed is a lot of bickering, blaming and abusive behavior. It’s a shame that we assumed that our marriage should be like our parents; no choices, a social imposition- just endure it because they endured hardship, despair and suffering. Hence it must continue… and look what we are doing, we are repeating the same pattern!”

She went on, “But you see what that martyrdom did to them- unhappy, always compromising, never sure what happened to them after doing so much of puja and fasting. Sometimes it’s hard to call my mother because you have to have half hour to listen to all her aches and pains and troubles with patience. I’m so full of guilt that I can’t give my mother the time and yet I know that talking to her bears me down! I don’t want to end up becoming ‘that mother’ to my children.”

Her siblings are of no help. “When my sisters hear the word ‘divorce’ they freeze in fear. They dissuade me like I’m the craziest person on earth. But I have decided that I am not going to take their opinion about my decision. I think the children would be happy to see us being civil to one another and caring for them. That’s truly what they care for. We just have to be fair to each other splitting our finances and support. Because there is nothing called security if you don’t pray and understand that all your life an invisible hand has been taking care of you. Alas, for far too long I have chased security and sought righteousness in the process I’ve undermined my self-dignity. Now I have to have faith and use my common sense while being grateful. And when I’m grateful I will have more things to be grateful for.”

Her facial expressions softened, “After years when my children would call me I would excitedly tell them how I saw an angel cloud or a rainbow or a feather, a colourful dragonfly. I’m sure that would also make them curious to talk to me more often. I would explore and do things that I never done in my whole life.”

She took a deep breath and exhaled. Resolved and collected she came up with a firm decision, “Let me tear up the old and expired contract. I know I’m meant to have endless joy.”

We hugged each other. She said, “Thank you Lipa, seeing you I feel all this is possible for me too!”





The forgotten mission:

Arcturus (Swati), Pleiades (Krittika), Vega (Abhijit) in Lyra, Orion (Mrigashirsha), Andromeda (Uttara Bhadrapada), etc. are among the many stars/constellation or nakshatras where people have reported having life experiences as extra-terrestrials.

I have had many clients come to me saying that there are past life regression therapists in India who get scared dealing with clients having extraterrestrial lives and ask them not to go there. Something unknown, hence they can’t deal with that. Perhaps the reason the practitioners are uncomfortable because the way the extra-terrestrials have been portrayed in the Hollywood movies, often as violent, malicious aliens.

But if you go by their Sanskrit names you may know from the vedic shastras and puranas that these nakshatras /stars or star-beings have been instrumental in bringing life on earth. A specific God is in charge of each of the planets and nakshatras. These higher beings have had various types of “vimaana” (spacecraft) though which they travelled across the universe, and they continue to do so. We know that they are no aliens, but higher beings who are always helping.

Beings (prani) from different stars/planets have all been communicating and giving mankind ideas and solutions for our scientific and technological advancement. The information about IVF or even heart-transplant was inserted into the experts’ minds. I recommend reading “Keepers of the Garden” and “The Custodians” by Dolores Cannon for more fascinating information.

It seems after the nuclear bomb was exploded in WWII, the entire universe was shaken up by the extent of misuse of power and energy by the humans. Hence a “call” was sent out for “volunteers” who would come and help in bringing peace and harmony to earth.

Waves of volunteers as human beings have arrived since the end of the war. Unfortunately, many of them are not aware that they are “volunteers”. Or, whether they have had past lives on earth or they originate from another star system.

I have had many clients come to me unable to cope up with their lives and want to quit. Some are also diagnosed as ADHD. Unfortunately, many of them are addicted to alcohol or into substance abuse. They jump with joy when they know their origin and their purpose. And home is yet another star system.

These volunteers get caught in the emotions- the drama. Many of them never had those experiences before coming to earth. They find this place too “jarring”.

It’s important to know why we have reincarnated. What’s the purpose? Why the suffering? Why do we punish ourselves? What’s the drama for?

I have been thinking of offering “Group Regression Sessions” at South Delhi and Gurgaon to begin with. Many people find it safer doing regression work in groups first. You have a choice to share your experience or not. But it would be very insightful and it will help you to understand what’s happening in your life.

Hopefully I should be able to start in Jan 2020. If you are interested then whatsapp me on +919899248248. Will share more details soon. I know I’m being “used” as a channel to do this work.

Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 10.25.15 PM

Drug abuse and dark beings

“I feel there are souls inside me who are driving me to do drugs. I can’t help it”, confessed the 19 year old school dropout. He was out from his fourth rehab. His father was paying for the session and but he had very little gratitude for his parents.

Higher Self (HS) confirmed that he has indeed been carrying these discarnate beings with him and “feeding” them. “These beings get satisfied when he does drugs and thrive in negativity, confusion, hatred and violence. HS strongly advised him to stay away from them by changing his life style completely.

The session lasted for more than 7 hours. Interestingly, when I got back home I felt very irritable and before I could gather myself I felt this intense pain gripping me. It was all over my body and that got me even more irritated. I had to lie down. Few moments later I started to understand that these “dark beings” were perhaps trying to scare me.

“Hey guys, you can’t frighten me. I work with the highest and the greatest light and love in the universe.” I sat up to pray. The pain did not leave me. It was showing me it’s strength. I was very amused and relaxed once I understood what was happening.

I laid down and started to think about all the people who have loved me and cared for me. I was filled with gratitude and I fell asleep. When I woke up there was no pain.

That force could not thrive when love and gratitude filled my body. There was no room!💗💜🌸

love planet 3d concept - heart shaped earth

Animal Incarnation:

I have had people experience their past lives as animals- cat, hippopotamus, giraffe, and recently as a donkey.

By the way, donkeys (and horses also) are very social. They hurt when they feel lonely and uncared for, and carry forward those emotions to other lives.

My client, MT, said he was unable to satisfy his wife, Mona. They had 2 teenaged children. As a couple they had a fairly good understanding through the rough times they went through together. His family threw him out of the ancestral business; he struggled, went to court and finally got very little that barely made both ends meet. But he has a very dear friend Mahesh, who gave him space to start his own again. MT came to for a qhht session because said he was lacking in abundance.


In the beginning MT could not believe he could have four legs and tied to a post in a lush green pasture.

MT: There are 5 of us- 3 male and 2 female. I’m a male donkey.

L: Do you know any of them?

MT: Mona… that’s my wife, Mona…

He was shocked to be able to recognize her in that life. She was tied far from him.

MT: I’m tied closer to the male donkeys. Oh, my God, that’s my friend Mahesh tied next to me!

He started smiling. He said that female donkey (Mona) was interested in him.

L: How do you know?

MT: She flutters her eyelids and she emits an odor, which means that.

He was so excited to find her there in the farm right next to him. He couldn’t believe how wonderful he felt finding her like this. But all of a sudden he started crying.

L: What happened? Why are you crying?

MT: Mona and another donkey are leaving the farm. She’s gone and I will never see her again.

They never had a chance to be together. He went on sobbing, crying out her name, tears rolling down his cheeks. The donkeys were used for transport, to carry load on their backs. The owner sold two to some other people.

While this donkey was a little baby he lived at another place, never had anyone around. His mother would be gone the whole day and he was alone in the farm, jumping around here and there, waiting for her. He was sent to this farm when he was big enough to carry load on his back. He said it felt so darn limiting! When he grew older and aged, his back started to hurt- so much that he could no longer stand up. He was very lonely and sad. He was lying down mostly, due to depression and pain. He never experienced any physical contact with anyone, except when the owner’s wife came and gave him food and stroked his back. He yearned for that caressing and love. Sadly, one day he died in his sleep.

When I asked the SC why they showed him that life-

Higher Self/SC: Because he is still continuing that donkey’s life. His consciousness is that of a donkey.

L: Can you elaborate?

SC: MT wants to have enjoyment that he was unable to have in that donkey-life. Now he has been given a chance to do so. But his old programming of “lack” is still running. Look at his business; he has worked like a donkey still trying so hard to make both ends meet. Now that he as asked for abundance we will change his “programming” (his thinking and belief). It has started from now on. He will continue to receive some “program-packets” in his dreams and that will help.

L: Is this donkey-life just prior to life as MT?

SC: No, this was a long time ago. His soul has had many human incarnations after that. But the donkey’s life had to be balanced- the fulfillment he sought must be experienced. His current life is a chance to have all that his soul longed for in that life. We have healed the lack now.