Case Study: Surrogate Healing

Recently, I got a whatsapp message from an unknown number pleading that I should do a qhht session and heal his 8-year-old daughter who was suffering from type 1 diabetes. Her condition was so adverse that she had to take insulin three times a day and had too many food restrictions. The doctors declared there is no cure to this kind of disease.

Pankaj, the father, was desperate as the doctors told him this was the only way she would live for the rest of her life. Disappointed that doctors could help him no more, he turned to spirituality and started searching the Net for ‘miraculous healing’. He came upon Quantum Healing’s (QH) official site and found my name and number.

Pankaj works as a tour guide in Fatehpur Sikri. His job was seasonal. He told me that he was keen on coming over for a QH session, but didn’t have the means to pay for it. I knew in my heart he was not cheating and that he would pay me later. So I offered him to pay me the fees after a year when he was ready. Overjoyed, he arrived within 48 hours.

During the session Pankaj saw himself in a lifetime where he wondered around and climbed trees. He said it was important for him to see that particular lifetime so that he would remember that this lifetime was not meant to be wasted in wandering around. He needed to focus on his daughter’s health.

I then sought the permission of the Higher Self (HS) to ask questions.

(I for myself & P for Pankaj)

I: Can you heal Pankaj’s daughter of diabetes?

P: [After a short pause] Yes [Pankaj’s eyes rolled up as though scanning to begin the process]

I: Could you please tell me what is happening?

 P: (HS) Please remain quiet. (There was a long silence of almost 10 minutes.)

P: It is done.

Later, Pankaj explained that they used the light energy of his soul to heal the daughter’s pancreas. And he saw the process being worked upon during the session. He knew she was healed. There was no doubt in his mind about her complete healing.

The case of Pankaj’ daughter is an important one as it indicates the power of the HS and how a surrogate’s consciousness can be used to heal to your immediate family. Typically, surrogate healing is done for those who are either very old and cannot be moved or those who are in a lot of pain and cannot communicate on their own.

A family member—father, mother, daughter, or son—can come as a surrogate and channel the required healing towards the concerned person.

Testimonial by Pankaj:


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