Inner child healing

Anukriti, (name changed) 24, from Hyderabad, pursuing Masters degree in yoga to understand how to harness his energy and to lift it in a way that’s positive and whole, which can be helpful for him.

But he is full of self-hatred and self-loathe. He feels he is impure and feels sick about himself. He said since class 9, he has had an actively engaging sex life, though always consensual, but he expected his partner(s) to be sad, like he was. His last girlfriend slashed her wrist and that’s when he “woke up” and now quite miserable.

Anukriti has only one older sister who’s not stable and into substance abuse. His parents always fought when he was a child. He loved his mother. Whenever she screamed or shouted he would feel very helpless and guilty for not being able to rescue her, and then having mixed feelings towards his father. This young man was hurting too much.

His inner child still needed so much more healing.

I feel so rewarded to be able to hold the space for healing and for giving him hope.


His testimonial:

“I’m feeling blessed to have a very nice session with Lipa Ma’am. She is a very nice and down to earth lady. She made me feel very comfortable during the conversation and I opened up completely and shared everything with her as if I’m sharing with my best friend or God who will not judge me, and only understand me. She is a master in her work. She knows how to handle emotions, difficulties which I faced during the session and then the session went wonderful. I have a lot of clarity about what to do/ what not to do. Apart from the therapy she has given me many life tips and therapy info. It was very nice to meet her. Hope we will be in touch through our soul, Ma’am.”


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