Cast of Character

Just like a movie 🎥 we play out the cast from the spirit side with the beings/people that we are going to incarnate with.

We come back with the same people again and again, either because we want to be with them, we work well with them. Or, because there’s karma to be repaid, you make a contract to come back with them.

We have most karma with husband, wife and children than in any other relationship. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👧👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

Interestingly, we get to choose our parents. However, sometimes you may have to choose between bad or worse, depending on your karma, what you have to balance and what’s your mission like. You don’t always get the best choices.

This reminds me of one of my favourite movies, “Quick-gun-murugan” 😂😅! He could see the beautiful astral realms, but he was denied access to most of those places. Poor thing, he didn’t qualify b’coz of his belligerent nature.

But the best part about our lives is that since it’s a movie we can recreate anything.

A lady with refined sensibilities, at 75, didn’t feel her feminine side was ever understood or appreciated by her partner. ‘They’ said, “She’s going to get that in the next life.”

Death is a dream. Endless costumes await us! 🥳💛💜

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Divorce- tearing up contract

One of my old friends leaned over and whispered into my ears, “You know Lipa, you did the right thing by divorcing your ex when your daughter was only 3 years old. Our children are much older now and it’s has been so suffocating living in a marriage that is toxic and unbearable. We thought we should stay together for our children’s sake but what they have witnessed is a lot of bickering, blaming and abusive behavior. It’s a shame that we assumed that our marriage should be like our parents; no choices, a social imposition- just endure it because they endured hardship, despair and suffering. Hence it must continue… and look what we are doing, we are repeating the same pattern!”

She went on, “But you see what that martyrdom did to them- unhappy, always compromising, never sure what happened to them after doing so much of puja and fasting. Sometimes it’s hard to call my mother because you have to have half hour to listen to all her aches and pains and troubles with patience. I’m so full of guilt that I can’t give my mother the time and yet I know that talking to her bears me down! I don’t want to end up becoming ‘that mother’ to my children.”

Her siblings are of no help. “When my sisters hear the word ‘divorce’ they freeze in fear. They dissuade me like I’m the craziest person on earth. But I have decided that I am not going to take their opinion about my decision. I think the children would be happy to see us being civil to one another and caring for them. That’s truly what they care for. We just have to be fair to each other splitting our finances and support. Because there is nothing called security if you don’t pray and understand that all your life an invisible hand has been taking care of you. Alas, for far too long I have chased security and sought righteousness in the process I’ve undermined my self-dignity. Now I have to have faith and use my common sense while being grateful. And when I’m grateful I will have more things to be grateful for.”

Her facial expressions softened, “After years when my children would call me I would excitedly tell them how I saw an angel cloud or a rainbow or a feather, a colourful dragonfly. I’m sure that would also make them curious to talk to me more often. I would explore and do things that I never done in my whole life.”

She took a deep breath and exhaled. Resolved and collected she came up with a firm decision, “Let me tear up the old and expired contract. I know I’m meant to have endless joy.”

We hugged each other. She said, “Thank you Lipa, seeing you I feel all this is possible for me too!”





The forgotten mission:

Arcturus (Swati), Pleiades (Krittika), Vega (Abhijit) in Lyra, Orion (Mrigashirsha), Andromeda (Uttara Bhadrapada), etc. are among the many stars/constellation or nakshatras where people have reported having life experiences as extra-terrestrials.

I have had many clients come to me saying that there are past life regression therapists in India who get scared dealing with clients having extraterrestrial lives and ask them not to go there. Something unknown, hence they can’t deal with that. Perhaps the reason the practitioners are uncomfortable because the way the extra-terrestrials have been portrayed in the Hollywood movies, often as violent, malicious aliens.

But if you go by their Sanskrit names you may know from the vedic shastras and puranas that these nakshatras /stars or star-beings have been instrumental in bringing life on earth. A specific God is in charge of each of the planets and nakshatras. These higher beings have had various types of “vimaana” (spacecraft) though which they travelled across the universe, and they continue to do so. We know that they are no aliens, but higher beings who are always helping.

Beings (prani) from different stars/planets have all been communicating and giving mankind ideas and solutions for our scientific and technological advancement. The information about IVF or even heart-transplant was inserted into the experts’ minds. I recommend reading “Keepers of the Garden” and “The Custodians” by Dolores Cannon for more fascinating information.

It seems after the nuclear bomb was exploded in WWII, the entire universe was shaken up by the extent of misuse of power and energy by the humans. Hence a “call” was sent out for “volunteers” who would come and help in bringing peace and harmony to earth.

Waves of volunteers as human beings have arrived since the end of the war. Unfortunately, many of them are not aware that they are “volunteers”. Or, whether they have had past lives on earth or they originate from another star system.

I have had many clients come to me unable to cope up with their lives and want to quit. Some are also diagnosed as ADHD. Unfortunately, many of them are addicted to alcohol or into substance abuse. They jump with joy when they know their origin and their purpose. And home is yet another star system.

These volunteers get caught in the emotions- the drama. Many of them never had those experiences before coming to earth. They find this place too “jarring”.

It’s important to know why we have reincarnated. What’s the purpose? Why the suffering? Why do we punish ourselves? What’s the drama for?

I have been thinking of offering “Group Regression Sessions” at South Delhi and Gurgaon to begin with. Many people find it safer doing regression work in groups first. You have a choice to share your experience or not. But it would be very insightful and it will help you to understand what’s happening in your life.

Hopefully I should be able to start in Jan 2020. If you are interested then whatsapp me on +919899248248. Will share more details soon. I know I’m being “used” as a channel to do this work.

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