Archangel Jophiel 🧚🏼‍♀️

I have been working with Archangels and in the angelic realms for more than a decade. I still  feel a debilitating sense of fear as I say this in public. A fear that is so deeply encoded in my light body that I always try to camouflage what I know as true. Although I feel confident about sharing other people’s experiences, but when it comes to my own it feels like I’m breaking a sacred vow 😳 when I talk about my experiences with pure light/light beings/angels ✨🧚🏼‍♀️

My “fear” feels as if I must seek some “authority figure” to give me permission or I would be killed.

Now I know this is coming from my previous lives where I have been brutally hung, and another time burnt at the stake, through the dark times upon earth, especially during the medieval times in Europe/Central Asia.

I think some of the blockages/ fears that we have had need to be honoured and recognised, and we must do something about them- for this time, there is no prosecution or trial for being who we are! 💃🏻

Archangel Jophiel is an angel of beauty and love✨💖. I have a feeling she works with Goddess Venus. When you call upon her she responds and lifts your heart and brings beautiful and wonderful things to your conscious awareness. She can help you through every “decoration” – interiors and outdoors, art, as well as your wardrobe and make up. 💗

From my memory of a past life as a priestess in Egypt, during the higher ages we had the knowledge of some powdered crystals n oils that we applied as a part of a ritual and invocation- to bring into manifestation the intention we set out. I still hold that memory- an anticipation while applying make-up; it feels like something big is about to happen! 😇✨

In our dense bodies we often forget that we have “Source” energy within us. Calling upon Jophiel is like tapping into a powerful stream of consciousness of beauty and love. When we immerse in the process of “connection” we harness that energy -it simply gets downloaded into our light bodies activating the memory codes, bringing our fragmented pieces together into wholeness, into alignment – allowing the power and grace to flow into us and through us effortlessly! 🧚🏼‍♀️

🕉☮️ Amen🙏🏼


Beauty and Body Image

“Why is it so important for me to be a radiant, glowing, fulfilled, spiritual, beautiful woman, owning all her power?”

Chloe, a 33-year-old French woman came to me for a past life regression therapy session. She grew up in Rouen, in France but never liked that place.

While she worked at a fashion house in Paris she visited India several times and then later she decided to move here. Through her contacts in the fashion world she started an e-commerce business selling organic women’s fashion clothing.

She’s been living in a spiritual community in Kerala now, a safe protected place- living a healthier lifestyle and a regular spiritual practice.

Yet she hated herself for being overweight and felt very ugly. She would binge on desserts and chocolates. Her boyfriend didn’t make her feel happy. Her online biz hasn’t taken off. She felt a lot of fear. She felt her parents were busy when she was growing up and didn’t give her love.

Through her trance she saw many different forms and beings that she has previously been- full of light and joy. Here are some of her questions she had for the higher self.

  1. Why did she put on weight?

It comes from a different lifetime. It does not belong to her. It was meant to cope with a situation, but now it’s over. Now that she is connecting with me, I’m here to guide her. She is on track. She had to experience it to know how it feels on others. That’s why I put that on her journey but there is nothing to worry about. It does not belong to her. Now she’s asked me and I have taken care of it. It’s over. Her eating disorder is over. She didn’t do anything wrong. Now it’s over.

  1. Why is her body image is so important to her?

Because beauty is Divine; and she is a piece of the divine. She is here to manifest beauty. By taking care of herself, from eating well, moving well, being happy, to loving without fear, to being confident and making herself pretty. And then I’m going to bring everything to her. We have started the journey today. Her work is to smile and be happy. She’s not alone. She will never be alone. I’m always with her.

  1. Why is she ashamed to see herself in a picture?

Because she does not have the knowledge of who she is! She has to watch herself in the mirror and say, “I am Chloe. I am beautiful. I am who I am. And I’m proud of who I am.”

  1. What would have happened if she shone her light?

I can feel all my cells of my body – she is going to feel as light. And she will be flying. She will be like the goddess of her life. She will be so light on everything – physically and emotionally and mentally. She will be able to manifest whatever she wants. And then when her confidence is back she can have everything. She can be everything. She is here in this life to enjoy every single moment and everything will be given to her. She is a diamond but she’s still wearing a suit of a stone.

  1. Why is she suffering from constipation?

Because she’s full of fears: She fears to know if she’s worthy of all the gifts and all the beauty that I have for her.

  1. How can she feel more worthy of herself?

I’m going to guide her and help her. When a situation is about to come, I will support her with worthiness.

  1. Why doesn’t she feel loved and celebrated with her boyfriend?

Because she’s not loving herself and celebrating herself!

  1. What’s the purpose of her life?

To be happy- to give love and receive love. And to experience the light.

  1. Why is it so important for her to be a radiant, glowing, fulfilled, spiritual, beautiful woman, owning all her power?

Because she came on earth in this life to be all that- her own version of the Goddess, that’s the way she’s going to help people and as soon as she wears a Goddess suit, and when she puts her treasure back in her heart centre (apparently she has her gifts on the side pocket) she will attract the right people. Things will expand very fast & very easily. She’s here for abundance.