The forgotten mission:

Arcturus (Swati), Pleiades (Krittika), Vega (Abhijit) in Lyra, Orion (Mrigashirsha), Andromeda (Uttara Bhadrapada), etc. are among the many stars/constellation or nakshatras where people have reported having life experiences as extra-terrestrials.

I have had many clients come to me saying that there are past life regression therapists in India who get scared dealing with clients having extraterrestrial lives and ask them not to go there. Something unknown, hence they can’t deal with that. Perhaps the reason the practitioners are uncomfortable because the way the extra-terrestrials have been portrayed in the Hollywood movies, often as violent, malicious aliens.

But if you go by their Sanskrit names you may know from the vedic shastras and puranas that these nakshatras /stars or star-beings have been instrumental in bringing life on earth. A specific God is in charge of each of the planets and nakshatras. These higher beings have had various types of “vimaana” (spacecraft) though which they travelled across the universe, and they continue to do so. We know that they are no aliens, but higher beings who are always helping.

Beings (prani) from different stars/planets have all been communicating and giving mankind ideas and solutions for our scientific and technological advancement. The information about IVF or even heart-transplant was inserted into the experts’ minds. I recommend reading “Keepers of the Garden” and “The Custodians” by Dolores Cannon for more fascinating information.

It seems after the nuclear bomb was exploded in WWII, the entire universe was shaken up by the extent of misuse of power and energy by the humans. Hence a “call” was sent out for “volunteers” who would come and help in bringing peace and harmony to earth.

Waves of volunteers as human beings have arrived since the end of the war. Unfortunately, many of them are not aware that they are “volunteers”. Or, whether they have had past lives on earth or they originate from another star system.

I have had many clients come to me unable to cope up with their lives and want to quit. Some are also diagnosed as ADHD. Unfortunately, many of them are addicted to alcohol or into substance abuse. They jump with joy when they know their origin and their purpose. And home is yet another star system.

These volunteers get caught in the emotions- the drama. Many of them never had those experiences before coming to earth. They find this place too “jarring”.

It’s important to know why we have reincarnated. What’s the purpose? Why the suffering? Why do we punish ourselves? What’s the drama for?

I have been thinking of offering “Group Regression Sessions” at South Delhi and Gurgaon to begin with. Many people find it safer doing regression work in groups first. You have a choice to share your experience or not. But it would be very insightful and it will help you to understand what’s happening in your life.

Hopefully I should be able to start in Jan 2020. If you are interested then whatsapp me on +919899248248. Will share more details soon. I know I’m being “used” as a channel to do this work.

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Quintessential Victoria, BC, Canada

Victoria is perched on top of the Vancouver island in British Columbia state in Canada. Its fairly closer to Seattle, but doesn’t have an easy access from Vancouver in BC. This small little town is a unique blend of old world charm and new world experiences. Owing to the gold rush era in the mid 19th century in North America, Victoria, in British Columbia became one of the major ports, supply base and outfitting centers for miners on their way to gold fields. Victoria was incorporated as a city in 1862.

The Empress

Highlighting turn of the century architecture and classic beauty “The Empress” hotel sits majestically facing Victoria’s sparkling Inner Harbor and vibrant city center.. The hotel has played host to many kings, queens, movie stars and many famous people. It is still famous for its afternoon tea, priced minimum at CA$60, for which you have to book a week in advance during peak season.

One of its restaurants, The Bengal Lounge, is still decorated in Victorian age, colonial Indian style; since it was built during the time of Queen Victoria was the Empress of India. They have an excotic menu of Indian mughlai dishes- very royal and very rich!

Breathtaking waterfront view of the Inner Harbour, the totem poles, the stunning floral gardens transport you into a fairytale land.

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IMG_0393  IMG_0364


The magnificent splendour of British Columbia legislature! The government spends a huge amount of money taking care of its landscape.



The gentle sound of hoof beat while rolling through Victorian homes with colourful stained glass window is like being in a movie. A horse carriage for 30 minutes would be CA$100! You can walk it down if your health is in good condition.


The town is perfect for strolling and exploring the many side streets and alleyways in an easy pace.

This town has quite a thriving craft cocktail (read “mocktail” too) scene with many talented “mixologists” make a living here!



Victoria offers everything from antiques to the wares of local artisans other fashion wares. Yes, there is something ancient and familiar in their native art. One can feel the presence of a higher civilisation in some of their artwork. There were many North America’s Native American mythology and culture like Norse, Hopi, Lakota, etc., which still preserve the sanctity of a higher knowledge and wisdom.